Sources: Team Oplon to field Darlik, Bruness, Peng, Pat and Sloth in 2022
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Team Oplon have completed their roster for the Ligue Française de League of Legends 2022, sources told Upcomer.

The roster will be:

  • Top: Aymeric “Darlik” Garçon 🇫🇷
  • Jungler: Bruno “Bruness” Freund 🇵🇱
  • Mid: Pengcheng “Peng” Shen 🇨🇳 🇸🇪
  • Bot: Lee “Pat” Seung-yong 🇰🇷
  • Support: Bae “Sloth” Jeong-sub 🇰🇷
  • Head coach: Adrian “Zetural” Dziadkowiec 🇵🇱

Team Oplon are the last team from the LFL to complete their roster, mainly because the team’s plans fell through in the middle of the offseason as shared by their former head coach Stefan “Nerroh” Pereira in a Twitlonger written both in French and English. He also stepped down following his statement and the ensuing fallout.

The organization is also, alongside Elyandre Mirage, one of the two new teams joining the LFL following a qualification in the LFL 2021 Promotion tournament.

Despite a complicated offseason, the team did manage to sign five players and a new head coach.

Top laner Darlik is the only player remaining with the team. Bruness comes from the Ultraliga, where he played with PDW and had an appearance at European Masters Summer 2021 following a Ultraliga Season 6 Playoffs win with his team.

While Peng recently played, and won, the Northern League of Legends Championship 2022 Spring Qualifier with Vanir, fans may remember him from his time with Mad Lions Madrid in 2020. Despite his tenure in professional League, the player is still only 17 years old.

Finally, the bot lane duo is from South Korea as Pat and Sloth are joining the team. Both players have won League of Legends Champions Korea Academy Series two times in 2021 with Fox B, once in March and then once again in April.

Grew as a sheep on Twitter for sharing exclusive league offseason information. I now also report news for Upcomer.