Sources: Team Echo Zulu complete their Elite Series 2022 spring roster
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Team Echo Zulu have signed and completed their roster to compete in the Benelux’s Elite Series 2022 spring, sources confirmed with Upcomer on Monday.

Their spring roster will be:

  • Top: Olof “Flaxxish” Hagberg Medin
  • Jungle: Arman “Sjakal” Akrawi
  • Mid: Siyuan “mirrored” Liu
  • Bot: Fayez “Dragdar” Ahmed
  • Support: Richard “Nightmares” Gielisse
  • Head coach: Brian “Dipsy” Diepstraten
  • Esports director: Remko “creabae” Veerman

Head coach Dipsy is the only remaining member from their 2021 summer roster in the Dutch League. Dipsy helped get Team Echo Zulu to third place in summer as well as third in the Dutch League 2021 Country Finals. Flaxxish is a familiar name for older European fans. He competed in EU LCS in 2017 under Giants Gaming and has since played for a number of teams in the European Regional Leagues. His most recent team was PSV Esports.

Jungler Sjakal returns to competitive play after taking the year off due to being enlisted in the army. He has mostly played in the Nordics on teams like Absolved and Hybrid Esports. Mirrored is a player with next to no competitive experience and from his bio on his Twitch streaming account, he is originally from China. From his OP.GG, mirrored does seem quite fond of playing Zed.

Dragdar joins from his stint in Team Singularity from the Northern League of Legends Championship in 2021. He helped them achieve third in 2021 spring and fourth in summer. Support Nightmares previously played for Team Echo Zulu in the Dutch League in 2021 spring. He joined PSV Esports for summer and helped them achieve second in the Dutch League 2021 summer and the Country Finals.

Founded in 2016, Team Echo Zulu have been around the Benelux for some time and, according to their website, their “mission is to change the gamer stereotype from the ‘nerds’ to the superstars of this generation.” Team Echo Zulu won the old Benelux Premier League Season 1 and attended the European Masters 2018 summer.

They recently finished second in the Dutch League in 2021 spring and third in summer, and were directly invited to participate in the 2022 Elite Series.