Sources: Team Aurora complete roster overhaul for 2022
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Team Aurora will undergo a near-total roster overhaul for 2022, signing four new players from across multiple different leagues, sources told Upcomer on Sunday. Only bot laner Yücel “Rhioni” Morgil and coach Oğulcan “Aredian” Kazar will return from the team’s previous roster, which finished the winter and summer splits with a combined 1-35 record.

The team’s new roster will feature Tricked Esport top laner Ferhat Can “Madly” Atma, Galakticos jungler Taha “Elramir” Yurdagüven, DWG KIA Challengers mid laner Kang “Jool” Dong-soo and BOOM Esports support Ha “Pop” Min-wook. This new roster includes former members of the team returning, young new talent from Korea straight out of academy, and veteran support with international experience.

Madly started his career on Aftershock Esports but he made his first big impression on Team Aurora. He left the team after the 2020 Summer Split ended to join a Greek Legends League team and then an NLC team, where he not only lifted the trophy but also gained EU Masters experience. Now, he’s back to be a part of the resurrection of his former team in 2022.

The veteran-ish jungle of the team, Elramir went on to join three different Turkish Championship League teams after playing for Team Aurora during the 2020 Winter season. He has not missed a playoff since then despite the lack of titles to his name. The closest he came to was in 2021 Winter, where 1907 Fenerbahçe lost 1-3 to Istanbul Wildcats. He may not have MSI or Worlds experience, but he’s been in TCL since 2018 and now he’s back on his old team for 2022 to try and change that fact.

After the Korean exodus, the TCL saw many Korean players come and go, but Jool has a shot to outshine all of them this year. Coming from the academy roster of one of the greatest teams in the world, this 19 year old talent is the crown jewel of this new roster. Alongside veterans like Elramir and Pop, he has the potential to take this team to great heights.

As for the only player that was a part of the team last year, Rhioni, he has played with three different supports during his tenure at Team Aurora. Now he’ll have a veteran lane partner with plenty of accomplishments to help unlock his potential as a top bot laner in the TCL.

Speaking of Pop, he is the key to this entire plan. His trophy case is only rivaled by his experience at the Mid-Season Invitational the League of Legends World Championship and how valuable he is to a team composed of TCL veterans and high potential rookies. Now, he’s got the chance to rival his old region in Worlds Play-ins or MSI groups.

“We built a great roster with a good balance of rookies and veterans,” team manager Kaan “Lelouch” Kılıç said. “I’m excited to watch the Team Aurora that will be the talk of the scene with its successes.”

While Team Aurora may have crashed and burned last year, few things say “rising from the ashes” in 2022 more than signing DWG KIA’s academy mid laner, a Pacific Championship Series support with international experience and a valuable asset who’s played for four teams in two years. All that’s left now is to see how much they can improve upon last year.

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