Sources: T1 VALORANT testing major roster overhaul
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North American and South Korean organization T1 could change several players on the VALORANT roster, multiple sources told Upcomer Sept. 7. The organization, who failed to qualify for the VCT Last Chance Qualifier, has begun to test several roster changes in practice. The three players that could be removed from the roster are Braxton “brax” Pierce, Tyler “Ska” Latham and Anthony “dawn” Hagopian.

South Korean player Ha “Spyder” Jeong-woo could be a candidate to return to the active roster. Spyder has been out as a result of an injury but returned to Los Angeles just two days ago, according to his Twitter page.

Ska is the most likely candidate to stay on the roster of those three players being considered for removal, according to one source. Both in-game leader Rahul “curry” Nemani and duelist Timothy “autimatic” Ta are expected to remain on the roster unless there are further changes.

The changes being considered are not final and may not represent the outlook of the final roster, however. The current developments are recent and will remain tentative.

T1 has time to sort out its roster. The team will remain relatively inactive until the start of next year since they failed to secure enough circuit points to earn direct qualification to the Last Chance Qualifier. The LCQ acts as the last ditch attempt for several North American teams to earn a spot at VCT Champions, the biggest VALORANT event of the year.

T1 will likely attempt to compete in smaller events that could be organized later this year outside of the VCT circuit.

If T1 sticks with these changes, it would be the second time brax has been removed from the active roster. The 24-year old was the first professional VALORANT player to sign with the roster in March last year. He was later released from the roster in February of this year and joined TSM for a small stint.

While these changes have been tested the organization is not under an obligation to finalize roster changes, at the time of publication. They will not compete in a VCT event until next year and could await further changes following the conclusion of the Last Chance Qualifier and Champions, both of which will begin later this year.

George is the lead reporter for Upcomer from the United Kingdom.