Sources: GamerLegion to sign Sacre, D4nka, Escik, Jinjo, re-sign Visdom
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German team GamerLegion have completed their roster for 2022. Top laner Toni “Sacre” Sabalić, jungler Daniel “D4nKa” Golzmann, mid laner Tomasz “Eścik” Skwarczyński, bot laner Ronan “jinjo” Swingler and support Benjamin “Visdom” Ruberg Larsen will be a part of the squad, sources told Upcomer.

Every Prime League team is rebuilding this offseason and GamerLegion is no exception. While they’re re-signing Visdom, four new faces will be joining the GamerLegion roster for 2022. The team is known for their performance at the European Masters 2020 Summer Split, where they finished second place, losing the final to AGO Rogue. Visdom was already with the team at that time.

Visdom did have an active offseason though, as sources told Upcomer he denied an offer from BT Excel.

Sacre will be joining the roster in the top lane. While he played with K1CK in the Ultraliga last season, most will remember him from his time in the LEC with SK Gaming in 2019.

D4nka and Jinjo are both joining after playing for other Prime League teams. They arrive from E WIE EINFACH and Unicorns Of Love, respectively.

Finally, Eścik will be GamerLegion’s mid laner for their 2022 roster. Eścik played for Illuminar Gaming in the Ultraliga. His former team managed to finish second place at the Ultraliga Season 6 Playoffs and qualified for the European Masters 2021 Summer Main Event.

The entire team will be coached by Lewis “Noxiak” Simon Felix, who’s staying with the organization.

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