Sources: Araneae, Javier and Nixerino plan to sign with Rebels Gaming
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According to sources closer to Upcomer, Alvar “Araneae” Martín will return to the world of League of Legends for the first time since February, with Rebels Gaming. Alongside his return, Nicolás “Nixerino” Canellas Colocho will be Rebels Gaming’s bot laner, while the mid laner position will be taken by Javier “Javier” Carmona Garcia.

Araneae was absent during the last spring split, as the Spanish manager took time off while his son was being born. Araneae will now return to League of Legends with Rebels Gaming, one of the top candidates to win the second super league division and be promoted to the first division. The manager is known for his long career in esports, where he began competing as a jungler for teams like Navi and SK Gaming, although in 2014, he began his coaching stage. Araneae coached teams like Fnatic, Origen and Mad Lions.

Nixerino will be the new bot laner for Rebels Gaming. The player had been competing for the European ERLs since 2015, playing in teams such as x6tence, Baskonia, G2 Vodafone, BCN Squad and S2V Esports. After a bittersweet season where he could not qualify for the Superliga playoffs, Nixerino leaves the first division to compete in a promising second division project.

Javier began to compete in amateur competitions in Spain such as Liga Nexo, with team Arena Quesito, the Team Queso academy roster. eMonkeyz ended up signing Javier last season, but after a poor season, eMonkeyz dropped Superliga. Even so, Javier had a good individual performance throughout, leading to good offers from first division teams. However, he ended up opting for the Rebels Gaming project in the second division.