Solo co-op mode and nighttime Kings Canyon coming in Apex Legends Halloween event
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The upcoming Fight or Fright Apex Legends Halloween event has been thoroughly confirmed. Data-miner Shrugtal leaked some of its assets on Twitter. Pathfinder voice actor Chris Edgerly alluded to it in a recent interview as well. Respawn wasn’t trying too hard to hide the event anyway. The Fight or Fright badge popped up in the game with the launch of Season 3.

Shrugtal has continued to post content exhumed from the Fight or Fright event files. Here is a list of the leaked features we might get in the event. Take these with a grain of salt – what Respawn ultimately delivers may be completely different.

Shadowfall game mode details

As usual, this Apex Legends Halloween event will feature a limited-time game mode. If the leaked description matches the final version, Shadowfall will be by far the game’s most experimental mode to date. A combination of solo and cooperative play, it will take place in a horror version of Kings Canyon at night.

Apex Legends halloween fight or fright shadowfall mode details

The Shadowfall mode begins as a solo free-for-all, with players contending not only with each other but also with monsters. We have been hearing about PvE gameplay coming to Apex Legends for months. This event could potentially give us a taste, as spiders and zombies spawn out of loot bins.

Blackout teaser and potential custom announcers

The event will feature a unique, limited-time announcer. Code-named Revenant, this shadowy person will oversee the proceedings of each match. They will provide ring movement and kill leader updates much like the regular Apex announcer. We know from previous leaks that Revenant is likely another name for upcoming legend Blackout. Blackout is a simulacrum with a pretty complex and aggressive set of skills, if leaks are to be trusted.

More importantly, this reveals the possibility of custom announcers as a new form of content for Apex Legends. After all, the Apex Games are a competitive blood sport in the game’s lore. They have spectators, corporate sponsors, and all that other good blood sport stuff. Therefore, unique announcers would make sense as custom content. Many other games already include the option for custom announcers, and Respawn typically puts a ton of effort into their voice-over content.

New cosmetics

The Apex Legends Halloween event will deliver the usual haul of cosmetics. We already saw the Vampire Crypto and Scarecrow (Scareraven?) Bloodhound skins in the leak. We also got a glimpse of a Frankenstein monster-themed Gibraltar skin in a previous leak. However, the biggest treat will be for Lifeline players. A Lifeline Heirloom set is included in the event cosmetics.

We expect the Apex Legends Halloween Fight or Fright event to begin around the end of October. The earliest possible date we project it would start is Oct 22. That would coincide with the regular Apex Legends patch release schedule.

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