Sneaky to become an independent streamer at Cloud9
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A lot of League fans were wondering what Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi’s next plans were, and now he has provided answers. For homegrown talents, the LCS offseason 2020 was one to forget, as many NA players struggled to keep their positions in their teams’ main rosters. Sneaky, Cloud9’s bot laner, is joining the list of NA talents who went down in the pecking order of their teams.

After Cloud9’s disappointing exit at Worlds 2019, the team went in search of new faces for the 2020 season. In the end, they signed TSM’s bot laner Jasper “Zven” Svenningsen. This meant that Sneaky’s playtime for the upcoming LCS season would be significantly reduced – if existent at all.

Sneaky to become an independent streamer

Sneaky took some time to consider his options, and he has finally come to a decision. The player released a statement today revealing that he will become an independent streamer and take a new role at Cloud9.

A few minutes after Sneaky’s announcement, Cloud9 put their own official statement out on Twitter. There, they confirmed that Sneaky would remain in an owner and advisor capacity for the organization. Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne also had some kind words to say about the player.

“Working the last seven years with Sneaky to build what Cloud9 has become was an incredible experience for me. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him as a player […] We’re both looking forward to the successes to come!”

Sneaky joined Cloud9’s League of Legends team back in May of 2013. Since then, he has made seven world appearances and helped the team win two LCS titles. Although NA teams generally fall short when it comes to international honors, Cloud9 has always been the closest to winning those honors.

The player’s decision to leave the pro gaming world, for now, comes after a tiring job hunt and a much-needed break. Well-known streamers can earn loads of money these days, so Sneaky should find success in this new path. However, the player reiterated that choosing to become a streamer does not necessarily mean an end to his pro career. For him, the door back to competitive League of Legends remains wide open.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.