SKT T1 picks up Khan, Crazy, Haru, Clid, and Teddy - Upcomer
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It seems like the SKT T1 redemption story is underway. The team has picked up multiple big-name free agents from the market. In the top lane, they are acquiring Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Kim “Crazy” Jae-hee. Kim “Clid” Tae-min and Kang “Haru” Min-seung will be in the jungle. Rounding out their acquisitions for the day is AD Carry, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong.

The team would announce their roster on social media, while also saying they are “still on the way to bring more players for mid [and] support”. As a result, we are now sure that their current support, Lee “Effort” Sang-ho, will not be starting for the team. However, he could still be a substitute support player on the roster. The SKT management wasn’t kidding when they told Faker that they would give him “great treatment” if he would re-sign.

A Dangerous Top Side Duo


Let’s first talk about the top and jungle matchup for SKT T1. Of course, Khan’s ability has been speaking for itself for some time now. He is widely considered one of the best top laners in Korea and is arguably a top-three top laner in the world. Khan was anchoring the top lane for Kingzone DragonX with his great solo play. Both Haru and Clid are solid players, with the former coming from the World Championship winning Gen.G roster. However, the latter is the lesser-known of the two, but could be the more talented one. Last year, Clid was playing for China’s JD Gaming, where he would shine in his time with the team. He is mechanically gifted and is only 19 years old with a ton of potential.

Teddy is a well-known ADC player from Jin Air Green Wings, who has had to carry his team to victory on multiple occasions. Again, he is great mechanically and excels in playing into the late game with scaling ADC champions. He just did not have the support needed to pull into the mid to late game, and would eventually fall. As we said before, they are still looking for a support player but this collection of players is already frightening to see.

Khan is an early game beast with incredible lane dominance. As a result, this should help relieve some pressure from Faker in the mid lane. If their early game falters, then they still have a trap card to play in Teddy, who is a late game carry style of player. This new SKT roster is a menace on paper, and the rest of the LCK should be extremely worried.

Final Thoughts


With the final piece of the SKT Exodia still to come, we can only imagine what kind of talent they will be bringing. SKT is already looking incredibly strong, and is there is any roster to make the comeback story happen, it’s this one. One support that could be amazing on this roster is Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, who is still one of the best supports in the world. Mata was on the LCK Summer Split winning KT Rolster last year. However, that roster was one of unfulfilled potential, and so after their Worlds failure, the team would release a majority of its players. Bringing Mata onto this already-stacked team could spell another championship for this prestigious organization.

What are your thoughts on the roster moves made by SKT T1? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends coverage, check us out here!