Skrapz and Wuskin reportedly not receiving any CDL roster offers
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The 2021 Call of Duty League rosters are starting to come into focus before Free Agency even begins. Thanks to some inside leaks, we have some enhanced knowledge on who could be joining what team for next season. Of course, this was preceded by nearly every CDL organization making massive changes to its roster. One of these teams was the London Royal Ravens, who most notably dropped the Marshall twins. Both Skrapz and Wuskin are officially off London but now reportedly can’t find another squad thanks to some unsavory rumors.

Call of Duty League blacklisting Skrapz and Wuskin?

The Marshall twins of Skrapz and Wuskin were quite successful in the inaugural season of the CDL. Both were considered some of London’s top players, consistently finishing atop the leaderboard. Wuskin even had one of the highest kill/death ratios in the entire league.

However, the Royal Ravens have decided to go another way in 2021, leaving the twins as free agents. While it was presumed the two would be able to find another team, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to their social media, neither has received an offer for a 2021 roster spot.

It was unclear why this was until another player, Adam “Assault” Garcia, posted some intriguing information on Reddit. Wuskin, of course, saw this post and immediately called out Assault for his supposedly untrue accusations.

Apparently, the CDL players believe that both Skrapz and Wuskin were a detriment to London’s team in 2020. Both were even called out for only caring about their stats and not about winning. Naturally, Wuskin and Skrapz denied these accusations and even had some other CDL players coming to their aid.

It’s a mystery as of right now whether Assault or the twins are telling the truth. However, Assault’s words have seemingly had a huge impact on both Skrapz and Wuskin’s free agency campaign.

It would be a shame to see the twins out of the CDL in 2021, as both are terrific players and great personalities. However, there needs to be some clarity on this entire situation before deciding if the decision to not offer either player a contract is the right move for organizations.

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