SK vs FNC recap | SK Gaming Prime secure 2019 EU Masters finals spot
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With the first League of Legends EU Masters Spring 2019 finalist already decided, the second semifinals match had a lot to prove. We were expecting a great, long match, but the legacy esports organizations let us down. SK Gaming Prime, although not as cleanly as Misfits Premier, took Fnatic Rising down in just two games. Subsequently, SK guaranteed themselves a spot in the finals, where they’ll be facing Misfits Premier. How close did Fnatic get to the now Misfits-claimed spot?

Game 1

Game 1 started off slowly with the first kills coming up at the 9-minute mark. SK held a small gold lead in the early game, but the late-game scaling was on Fnatic’s side. They were able to use their lead, grabbing even more objectives and snowballing their lead. Fnatic simply weren’t able to find a favorable team fight as SK seemed too coordinated. SK won fight after fight, securing objective after objective and not giving Fnatic any room for a comeback. Slowly but surely, they were able to use their massive lead to end the game in style.

Game 2

“Roller coaster” is the term that best describes the second game of the series. It started out fairly even as both teams traded kills and objectives. Even though Fnatic led in kills and dragons, SK weren’t behind in gold at all. This was a lot due to Toni “Sacre” Sabalić’s huge CS advantage on the Ryze. After the even early game, a fight in the bottom lane swung the game in SK’s favor for a short while. With their slight lead, SK were able to grab themselves the Baron without Fnatic even responding. An unfavorable fight in the bottom lane led to Fnatic killing all members of SK, even with the Baron in their hands.

The game went back and forth like that for its entirety, with Fnatic being ahead in kills at all times. It looked as though Fnatic would be able to close it out, as they took most major objectives throughout the game and were pushing towards SK’s nexus. Unfortunately for Fnatic, SK were able to stall out long enough so that the Ryze and Ezreal could scale up. This led to them tearing through Fnatic in team fights and allowed them to slowly finish the game.

With the second match over, the 2019 EU Masters Spring finalists are now decided. Will the LAN buff be enough for SK in the finals? Or will Misfits provide enough Gatorade to overcome the Germans? Find out tomorrow as EU Masters 2019 Spring returns for the finals at 16:00 CET /  7 a.m. PST!