SK Gaming reveals 2019 League of Legends roster - Upcomer
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SK Gaming has finally announced their League of Legends roster for next year. The team will be joining the League of Legends European Championship after leaving the scene back in 2015.

The last time EU LCS fans would see SK Gaming, they ended up failing to qualify for the 2016 EU LCS season. Their spot would be taken by Gamers2, who would end up becoming one of the strongest organizations in the league in G2 Esports. As they re-enter the LEC, they hope for a better ending to their League of Legends story, with a whole new cast of players and new coaching staff to help them behind the scenes.

From the Past…

Once upon a time, SK Gaming was one of the best teams in the EU LCS. They would even get to the 2014 World Championships, after a decent showing in the past year. Unfortunately, SK Gaming never won the EU LCS title in their time in the league. Additionally, their LCS story would end abruptly in 2015, when the team would place ninth in the Summer Split. They would be relegated to the European Challenger Series after losing to G2 Esports in the 2016 Spring Promotion tournament.

SK Gaming would then float around, playing in minor tournaments such as the 2018 Premier Tour and the ESL Meisterschaft in Germany. They found decent success in those tournaments but never won any of them, constantly losing to teams like Euronics Gaming and Mousesports. However, it seems like they are ready for a second chance in the LEC. They are fielding a completely new roster, with a completely new coaching staff behind them. Let us meet the new-look SK Gaming!

… into the future!

The roster consists of multiple players from MAD Lions, a Spanish League of Legends team that just recently won the 2018 EU Summer Masters. Jorge “Werlyb” Casanovas Moreno-Torres, Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, and Juš “Crownshot” Marušič will all be joining SK Gaming. Meanwhile, the team has also picked up former SK Telecom T1 mid laner, Choi “Pirean” Jun-sik. Pirean actually took Faker’s place this past LCK season, after SK Telecom T1 would fall into a slump. Additionally, former Team Vitality support, Han “Dreams” Min-kook, will be heading off into the bottom lane with Crownshot.

Werlyb, Selfmade and Crownshot all showed great promise with MAD Lions and could be an exciting trio to watch in 2019. Selfmade and Crownshot are young, and have plenty of potential that could be realized with SK Gaming. Pirean spent a majority of his career in North America. Hopefully, his time with SK Telecom T1 gave him some valuable experience that he can share with his teammates. Also, Dreams is getting his first chance as a starting support in the LEC. His stints in the EU LCS were all on Academy teams or as a substitute, so maybe he can prove himself this coming season.

Expectations for SK Gaming?

Unfortunately, SK Gaming’s roster hasn’t given fans much to get hyped about. Again, the lack of star power on the team will hurt them, not only performance-wise, but from a fan’s standpoint too. With the amount of talent pouring back into the region, it isn’t farfetched to imagine SK Gaming skirting the bottom of the standings again next year. However, if the team’s rookies can have a breakout season, there is no telling what this team can accomplish. We wish the best of luck to SK Gaming and its roster in the upcoming competitive year!

What are your thoughts on SK Gaming’s roster for 2019? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more LEC coverage, check us out here!