Simic Flash gets even stronger in Theros Beyond Death spoilers
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Two powerful new cards are coming to Magic via the Theros Beyond Death expansion: the corrupted form of the god Heliod’s Godsend and a versatile blue instant that draws cards and counters your opponent’s spells. Neither aggro nor Simic Flash needed any more powerful cards, especially from a set that has already added some strong new options for those archetypes. But Wizards of the Coast keeps pushing them, so we’ll keep playing them.


Theros Beyond Death Shadowspear

This card is Magic‘s answer to all those gods running around on Theros. Shadowspear is a cheap and powerful artifact. With a CMC of one and an equip cost of two, it can turn any creature into a threat. Because of its cheap cost, this equipment will likely fit into any number of aggro lists. While Shadowspear may lack the game-closing strength of the Embercleave, and likely won’t replace it in many lists, it is a good sideboard inclusion.

The most important ability of Shadowspear is its ability to remove the hexproof and indestructible abilities from permanents that your opponents control. This activated ability allows you to kill or destroy opposing gods, making it one of only a few ways to deal with these powerful cards. Interestingly, Shadowspear does not need to be equipped to use this ability.

The other place that Shadowspear will shine is in Commander and Brawl. With several new indestructible gods entering the commander pool, a reusable way to remove their protection is a good way to balance their power.

Thassa’s Intervention

MTG Theros Beyond Death spoilers - Thassa's Intervention

Simic Flash lists will receive a major boost from Theros Beyond Death with this more powerful version of Supreme Will. Thassa’s Intervention is both a counterspell and a draw spell rolled into one, with its power dependent only on how much mana you have to spend on it. Its first mode grants players the ability to dig for answers. In most situations, the X in the casting cost won’t be less than three, meaning it’s a five mana draw two. Not great, but not the worst. However, Thassa’s Intervention truly shines when players can put more mana into it.

The second mode of Thassa’s Intervention forces opponents to pay twice X or have their spell countered. Even paying 1 for X in this mode means your opponent has to pay 2 or their spell won’t resolve. While not great, especially while Quench is in standard, the scaling taxing effect means late-game spells probably won’t resolve either. Thassa’s Intervention will shine in hard control lists, likely in a draw-go shell, where players will have lots of opportunities to cast this at the end of their opponent’s turn. That said, because of the double blue commitment and the variable nature of counterspells with X in the casting cost, players might not want more than two or three of this card in their decks.

Still more spoilers coming in Theros Beyond Death

Can you believe Theros Beyond Death isn’t done yet? With more than 50 cards left to reveal, make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for your Magic: The Gathering news.

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