Should you use the Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12 in Black Ops Cold War?
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Treyarch decided to make a controversial decision in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War by adding shotguns to the secondary weapon category. Most players feel these powerful guns belong in the primary category, as they make for a formidable secondary. However, Treyarch has been known to push the boundaries of COD, so we have shotguns as a backup weapon this year. The two shotties in the class are the Hauer 77 and Gallo SA12, both fine guns. As there are only two though, many players are asking which one they should equip on their loadout.

The Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12 shotgun in Black Ops Cold War?

Before deciding, let’s take a look at each weapon individually. The Hauer 77 is a classic pump-action shotgun that features high damage and range, but it has a slow fire rate. So far, the Hauer seems to be the most popular secondary weapon choice among players.

Next, the Gallo SA12 is a reskinned version of the iconic Spas-12. Semi-automatic, this shotgun possesses a stunningly fast fire rate with marginal damage and range. You don’t see many Gallo SA12s in Black Ops Cold War, but when you do, it can be quite annoying.

black ops cold war hauer 77 shotgun
The Hauer 77 is the classic pump shotgun that Call of Duty fans have come to love. Image via Activision

In terms of choosing just one, many players have gone with the Hauer 77. This is likely due to the weapon’s higher damage output and overall popularity of pump-action shotguns. However, we recommend choosing the Gallo over the Hauer.

With the right attachments, the Gallo SA12 can be a real thorn in your opponent’s side. As long as your trigger finger is fast, you can two or three-hit kill enemies across the map. While the Hauer is deadlier up close, it can’t compare to the overall benefits you receive when using the Gallo SA12 in Black Ops Cold War.

Which shotgun do you prefer? Let us know, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.

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