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You have probably heard the screaming inside your Moon Lantern in Baldur’s Gate 3. Inside is a Pixie. Should you let her out? The choice you make will have an impact, so here’s what you should consider.

Should you free the Pixie in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You will benefit the most from freeing the Pixie. Of course, there are benefits and backlash for both choices. So you’ll have to pick which one works best for you.

What happens when you release the Pixie?

When you release the Pixie, your whole party is free to traverse the Shadowlands, including the dangerous areas around the Moonrise Tower. The downside? You can no longer spot wraiths or shadows when they teleport during fights.

What happens when you keep the Pixie in the Moon Lantern?

Basically, the reverse will happen. Keeping the Pixie imprisoned allows you to see wraiths and shadows all the time. This will definitely make battles easier. Unfortunately, your party will need to stick together and use a lamp in order to walk around the Shadowlands. If they go into the dark, they will face death from the curse in this area.

How to free the Pixie from the Moon Lantern in BG3

Equip the Moon Lantern and then inspect it to speak to the Pixie. When you do, she will tell you that you have let her go and reward you with the ability to travel through the Shadowlands as a reward.

You can free the Pixie any time. This means you can keep her inside the lamp for a while if you want to.