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There are lots of chests that players can open upon venturing into the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Even the ending has you choosing whether you’ll open the Repository or not. In this article, we’ll answer everything you need about opening the Repository in Hogwarts Legacy.

Should you keep the Repository contained or not in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sol Azkur (Character) in Hogwarts Legacy casting Avada Kedavra
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

The Final Repository in the last quest gives you two choices: opening the Repository or letting the power inside it dormant. This dramatically impacts the game’s ending, so be wary, as spoilers are bound to surface in this part.

Whether you should keep the Repository contained or not depends if you want the good or the evil ending. Keeping the Repository contained gives you a good ending while opening it will give you an evil ending. If you want to continue the path of a Dark Wizard, opening it will give you a vague fulfillment of your character’s future. On the other hand, if you want to keep that power away and be a hero, keep the power contained within the Repository.

Differences between good, evil, and true ending in Hogwarts Legacy

Sol Azkur hitting an enemy with Avada Kedavra
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

There are significant differences between the two endings. If you choose the evil ending, you’ll see your beloved Professor Fig instantly die after Ranrok enters the scene. You’ll also gain power within the Repository after defeating Ranrok, and this may possibly indicate that your character aligns with the Dark Arts.

On the other hand, if you choose to keep the Repository closed, Professor Fig will return to your aid after you defeat Ranrok. Professor Fig will die a heroic death after helping you contain the Repository. You can then go on to complete The House Cup and Weasley’s Watchful Eye quests. You have to reach level 34 before you can start The House Cup, and upon its completion, you’ll see the true ending of the game, which gives better closure and peacefulness throughout Hogwarts.