Should the Black Ops Cold War Mastery camos cover more of the guns?
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One of the biggest challenges in any Call of Duty title is unlocking the Mastery camos. Traditionally, the camos are Gold, Diamond, and some form of Dark Matter. Each of the skins is unlocked in a different way, but each is a grind in and of itself. Luckily for challenge enthusiasts, Black Ops Cold War features all three Mastery camos, and all are fairly difficult to unlock. Unfortunately, players have noticed that when they do unlock them, some of the skins don’t cover the entire gun as the base camos do.

The Mastery camos in Black Ops Cold War could use a rework

The overall look of the Mastery skins in Black Ops Cold War has no one complaining. All three are great in their own way and provide the players with a satisfactory feeling for completing them. However, some in the community are calling for a slight change in how much the camos actually cover.

black ops cold war mastery camos
Dark Matter Ultra is one of the three Mastery camos in Black Ops Cold War. Image via Activision

In games past, the ultimate camos have covered a large portion of the weapon. This is done to really show off that you spent the time to unlock such a difficult skin. Treyarch decided to go another way this year when it comes to camo coverage, though.

As @TheMW2Ghost points out, the base camos cover more of the weapon than Dark Matter Aether or Gold. While this is changed with certain attachments, many feel that the Mastery camos need to be extended to more parts of any given weapon.

Treyarch hasn’t really given a concrete reason as to why the camo system is like this. Although, if the community speaks on this issue enough, perhaps a change could be included in a future update. Maybe even the upcoming Season 1 update could see a change to the Mastery skins.

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