Should Karma return to the CDL for Black Ops Cold War?
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Damon “Karma” Barlow is one of the more recognizable names in Call of Duty history. A three-time world champion, the renowned player hung up his controller this past season of the Call of Duty League. In no uncertain terms, Karma simply stated he wasn’t good enough at Modern Warfare to keep competing. Also, the game really wore on him since it wasn’t the best experience for competitive players. However, a new game is out now, Black Ops Cold War, and Karma looks in tip-top shape thus far. With his recent string of success in tournaments, many players are asking if a return to the CDL is possible.

Could Karma rejoin the CDL in 2021?

While there have been some rumors of the world champion returning as a coach, no substantial information has come from Karma’s camp. This simply derives from the fact that most retired Call of Duty players try to make it as a coach or desk analyst for the league.

karma could return to the cdl for black ops cold war
Karma is one of the most successful players in Call of Duty esports history

However, it seems the former OpTic player is content with streaming and creating content at the moment. He’s averaged well over 2,000 viewers on Twitch since Black Ops Cold War released. Of course, this just means more fans are watching him dominate the competition in online tournaments.

The general consensus from the professional community is that Karma is extremely good at Black Ops Cold War. The often-called “GOAT” does seem to best at Treyarch titles, and this year is no different. Although, this doesn’t mean Karma will return to the CDL for one last run.

Fortunately for fans though, it seems the former pro is keeping his options open. A recent Twitch stream of his was titled “Thinking about what to do next,” indicating he’s pondering returning to the professional scene.

If this was the fans’ choice, Karma would be on a Call of Duty League team in 2021. However, roster spots are tight right now and the league is getting younger. Even if Karma wanted to return, there’s no guarantee he would land a starting spot on a team of his choosing. Still, this is the three-time champion, and if he wants to make a comeback, the CDL might have to make it happen.

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