Should Evo Shields be reworked in Apex Legends System Override?
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The System Override event in Apex Legends has gone over fairly well with fans thus far. The Deja Loot mode is a great way to test one’s memory as loot spawns never change. It rewards those who play a lot and know where to look for the high-tier loot.

This loot includes the new Evo Shields, which were implemented by Respawn to test them for the future. If the feature goes over well with players, the developers could introduce them permanently. However, before that happens, some fans would like to see the shields reworked.

Ways to rework the Evo Shields in Apex Legends

The community has had a couple of days to experiment with Evo Shields. While some fans like the current structure, most would agree that it’s not worth picking up over a normal shield. Unless you deal an exorbitant amount of damage in the early game, finding a purple or gold shield is still the better option.

apex legends system override evo shields

So, in their current state, Evo Shields are somewhat useful until you find a blue shield or better. However, this takes away from what Respawn was trying to do. The developers wanted the more aggressive players to use the shields, but that’s not really happening.

One way to fix this would be to reward players who equip an Evo Shield even more. Noted PC professional player and Apex Legends enthusiast Michael “shroud” Grzesiek breaks down his idea for a new system.

Essentially, with shroud’s idea, players could level up their shield in two ways. The first is by dealing damage, which is the same as the current model. However, shroud would like to see a reduction in the amount of damage needed to level up the shield.

The second way to advance the Evo Shield is by simply progressing in an Apex Legends match. The more rings you survive, the more your Evo Shield will level up until it maxes out. So, with this concept, not only are you rewarded for dealing damage, but also surviving longer.

While Respawn might be hesitant to switch things up this drastically, shroud’s concept would offer more incentive to equip an Evo Shield.

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