Verdant Conflict rotation: top 5 decks to play after the mini-expansion
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The mini-expansion in Shadowverse always changes up the meta, whether it’s by giving decks a tool they were missing or creating a new archetype. Verdant Conflict‘s mini-expansion was no exception. In this article, we’ll break down the top five decks to play, along with a couple of sample decklists you can try out yourself.

Honorable Mention: Item Shop Rune

Arcane Item Shop provided a whole new win condition for Rune decks: play enough spells and you just naturally win the game. The catch? You can’t have a single creature in your deck if you want to take full advantage of the amulet. The deck is super fun to play, but the deck-building restriction hampers it severely. Rune also is missing a critical board wipe this format, so it can’t deal with aggressive decks easily. I wouldn’t take it to ranked, but if you want play around, this is a fun one to mess with.

5. Natura Shadowcraft

Shadowverse Verdant Conflict rotation mini-expansion

Natura Shadow has been in and out of the meta for a bit, but the recent additions of Legendary Skeleton, Dawn’s Splendor, and Fighting Jiangshi have helped to push this deck into the spotlight for Verdant Conflict. Fighting Jiangshi is a powerful card to reanimate, making Osiris that much better and also rewarding you with tons of shadows. Legendary Skeleton can use these shadows to make clearing boards a breeze in the late game. The deck has always struggled against Storm decks, but with the release of Dawn’s Splendor it now has an accessible tool to fight back against them.

4. Levin Swordcraft

Shadowverse Verdant Conflict rotation mini-expansion

Sword has had a tough time lately in Shadowverse. Its archetypes have been a bit all over the place. Thankfully, with the addition of Levin Justice, Levin Sword is finally a deck (albeit one reliant on the Natura engine). Levin Justice provides the deck with an excellent removal spell and gives access to one of the most powerful blood cards in the game: Yurius. It can put out incredibly powerful boards, refill its hand, and storm in for game when need be. Definitely worth a try in this Verdant Conflict meta if you enjoy Sword decks.

3. Fairy Forest

verdant conflict mini-expansion top 5 decks

Fairy Forest has been pretty decent but never quite good enough for rotation. Thanks to Divine Smithing, the deck can now put out devastating OTK boards. The plan is simple: fill your hand with fairies, then give them all storm. Proceed to win if your opponent doesn’t have Dawn’s Splendor.

2. Storm Haven

svc top 5 decks

Storm Haven, despite the nerfs, is still heavily dominant in the format. Charaton provides a free body and removal spell for the deck, creating an incredibly aggressive game plan. Hitting face and ignoring the board has never been easier thanks to cards like Agnes and Daffodil. Dawn’s Splendor is a direct counter to the deck though, so it remains in the number 2 spot on this Shadowverse list.

1. Natura Dragon

Valdain is the bane of any deck trying to durdle or assemble a combo in Rotation. The consistency of the deck’s game plan of killing their Natura Trees and then simply burning for game is dominating the format. Since the damage is a leader effect, it is almost impossible to interact with. Wildfire T-rex gives the deck yet another removal spell that also acts as a board wipe and a consistency booster. Thanks to this and other tools, the deck can easily fight off all of the previous four decks on this list. If you want to win, play Dragon.


And that concludes our top 5 decks for Shadowverse Verdant Conflict after the mini-expansion. What did you think of the decks? Is there a deck I missed? What deck are you going to play in ladder? Let me know down in the comments!