Shadowverse offers new pre-release for Verdant Conflict
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Card games love doing pre-release events. They’re an excellent way to get players excited about new cards and get them deckbuilding. Magic: The Gathering is particularly famous for its pre-release events (that used to be held at midnight) before every new set. Yu-Gi-Oh! also has a similar system, with sneak peek events. However, this system does not translate easily to online card games. Players often show less interest, and it’s difficult to stage as a social event. Shadowverse is aiming to change that. They have announced a brand new pre-release event for the next set, Verdant Conflict.

Pre-release for Verdant Conflict

During the pre-release event from Sept 18 to Sept 25, players will be able to buy up to 100 packs of the newest set. Players can then use those cards to build special pre-release rotation decks. These decks can use cards from Omen of the Ten through Verdant Conflict, as well as basic cards. These decks can be used in Private matches, Practices matches, and the brand new Rotation (Pre-release) format!

After 10:30 p.m. PT on Sept 25, the set will officially release into Rotation and the event will end. Players will then be able to use all cards they opened during the pre-release in both Rotation and Unlimited without restriction. Take 2 Arena events will also feature Verdant Conflict cards and lose all Brigade of the Sky cards. Leaders, Emblems, and other bonuses opened from the set during pre-release will be retained. Leaders in the set have not yet been announced.

This event will provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with cards early with friends and on your own. However, do note that the decks you make for this format will be deleted during the next pre-release event. What do you think of this brand new event? Will you buy packs now, or wait until the meta settles out? Let us know down in the comments below!