Shadowverse announces One-Punch Man collaboration
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One-Punch Man was a massive hit with the anime community last season. Created by the writer “ONE” (the creator of Mob Psycho 100), the manga alone has sold over 19 million copies. The bald superhero who defeats his enemies with one blow was so popular in fact that he managed to get himself a second season. To celebrate this, Shadowverse is holding a special event. From May 21 to June 9, players will get the following rewards for logging on:

Day 1: One-Punch Man emblem
Day 2: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 3: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 4: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 5: One-Punch Man card sleeves
Day 6: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 7: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 8: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 9: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket
Day 10: 1 Steel Rebellion ticket

Ranked rewards

In addition to the daily rewards, from May 23 to June 3, treasure chests will randomly spawn during ranked matches. Chests will contain rupees, pack tickets, gold, or legendary cards in rotation. There will also be alternate arts of the following cards in the chests as well:

Overwhelming Crush is a fitting choice for Saitama, but it is a bit odd since the card sees very little play. Augmentation Bestowal is a great promo for artifact players and is likely to be used for a long time. Wind Blast is an evergreen card for Rune that will almost always see play, so it’s a fantastic choice for a promo. Only five chests with these rewards can appear and be claimed per day. If you lose a match with a chest, it will carry over to the next if you didn’t surrender. One of the five chests that appears will be golden. Higher rewards are generally found in golden chests, but it may vary.

New leaders

Shadowverse announces One-Punch Man collaboration

During the event, players can purchase Tornado, Saitama, or Genos. For 500 crystals, players will receive the leader, a special emblem, flair, and sleeves. If all three leaders are purchased together, players will receive an exclusive One-Punch Man set of sleeves. Those who have voice lines set to English will find that the dub actors are used. This is a bit of a change from normal anime crossover events, as usually only the original Japanese voice lines are provided. This has been the case for both the Fate and Grand Prix Princess tie-ins previously. However, players who have the game set to Japanese audio will find the leaders are voiced by the original actors.