SG553 price increase, Galil & FAMAS buffs bring CSGO meta changes
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Alongside the new CSGO Operation Shattered Web update, the update introduced interesting changes to the meta. The infamous SG553 (or the Krieg) received a price increase to $3,000, while the FAMAS and Galil seem to be a very enticing choice for force rounds or even full buys.

SG553 receives a price increase

The CSGO meta has been changing dramatically over the past year. It all started with the major price drops in the AUG and SG553, when the AUG reigned supreme before it got nerfed by the developers. More recently, the SG553 became a weapon of choice not only for the terrorists, but also for the counter-terrorist side when they can pick it up. It has become the most frequently used weapon on all recent LAN events. Below is the weapon percentage usability tendencies from the recent IEM Beijing.

CSGO meta: SG553, FAMAS, Galil
Credit: HLTV

Each event’s weapon usability tendencies have looked more or less similar. The Krieg has been the top weapon used, at almost 33 percent. A major portion of the community, including the pros, did not like the meta in this state. The AK47, probably the most iconic weapon of CSGO, has fallen into third because of the SG553 meta.

Now, however, things are shaping up to coming back to the older meta with the AK47 and M4 to be the top options. The AUG is already not being picked all that often and now with a $300 gap between the AK47 and SG553, either the two will be visible in the meta or the AK will be back on top.

The developers have commented on the Krieg’s cost to be “more in line with its value,” admitting that it may have become too powerful for the price.

FAMAS and Galil are now enticing choices

The FAMAS and Galil have been somewhat neglected on the professional scene, often considered to be inferior weapon choices as the price was too high to justify picking up a lesser-grade rifle instead of a cheaper and more profitable SMG like the UMP-45, MP9, or even the MAC-10. Now, however, things may have changed.

The price of both weapons has been reduced by $200, putting the FAMAS at $2050 and the Galil at $1800. Galil’s price especially is very close to that of some SMGs, making it a wise choice on force rounds, at least in theory. Additionally, the spray patterns of both weapons have been adjusted so that they are more manageable. Overall, the two weapons are now cheaper and are easier to control while spraying. It seems like force rounds are going to be a FAMAS and Galil show. Still, it is up to the pros on the competitive scene to decide.

You can read the full release notes on the official CSGO blog post.

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