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For a while now, rumors have been going around surrounding the new League of Legends champion, Sett. Today, we got an interesting development, as Riot Games sent out emails to the player base with cards sharing some of the names of Sett’s abilities. Do note though that the name Sett has not yet been confirmed and could be subject to change.

Sett’s abilities

  • Q: Fist, Meet Face
  • W: Try to Block That
  • E: Bust ‘Em Up
  • R: Let’s Give ‘Em a Show

Fist Meet Face Sett

At this point, it is unknown what these abilities will do. However, the ability names do give us a good idea of what the champion’s kit might look like. Rumors suggest Sett could be some kind of boxing-related champion, though others suggest the champion might be closer to a wrestler or street fighter.

The ability names were revealed on personalized cards. For example, a player who frequently plays fighting champions would be sent the card showing one of the fighting champions. In this case, Garen is represented on the card of Sett’s Q ability. A different player, who more frequently played a tank-role champion, would receive the email revealing Sett’s R. This card featured the champion Cho’Gath.


Sett’s arrival to the League of Legends PBE

Last week had the first hint of the new champion on the PBE. With this more large-scale reveal, we can expect Sett’s official arrival to the PBE to not be too far away. Chances are that Riot Games plans to add Sett to the PBE realm before the Christmas break later this month. This would allow the community time to try out the champion before the balance team is able to finalize the champion for an early January release.

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