Seraphine reveals backstory and love interest in K/DA comic "Harmonies"
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The official K/DA comic has released its second episode called “Seraphine.” Readers follow Seraphine through some everyday tasks like working at the coffee shop or practicing with the group. Riot has been working hard to promote K/DA’s next track, so releasing the comic has kept every fan on their toes.

Sera shares with readers what’s near and dear to her: her father’s support, her music, and her coworker Ben. Besides being a musician who goes busking, or performing on the streets, she’s also a full-time K/DA member. In addition to listening in on the phone call between Ahri and Sera, readers also find out that she has a love interestโ€”her coworker Ben. Unfortunately, she has plenty to do every day, which leaves her tired out. Luckily, Ben is there to support her. He even suggests she leave her current job to follow her passions. It seems that Seraphine took his advice, because her latest tweet reveals that she did indeed leave the coffee shop.

Now that she’s a part of K/DA, Sera has to practice singing and dancing in a famed K-pop group.

Seraphine’s fan base and disappointed Evelynn players

Fans are more than excited to read this new episode, especially after knowing more about Sera’s backstory. Others weren’t as thrilled, mainly because Riot has been teasing Evelynn images all week long on K/DA’s social media pages. Some Twitter users stated that Evelyn should have been the focus of the next episode, not Sera’s “coffee boyfriend.”

Either way, this provides a good amount of insight on who is Seraphine and where she comes from. Riot has been producing her lore differently than the other League of Legends champions. While everyone else gets a written story or comic series, Seraphine gets an entire online personality.

There’s no official word about when Seraphine makes her big debut. As mentioned before, she may be introduced at the end of this year’s World Championship.

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