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While the first Overwatch League Playoffs is underway, many other teams are preparing for the next season already. One such team is the Seoul Dynasty, who will be changing their coaching staff completely.

Seoul Dynasty has had a very underwhelming first season in the Overwatch League. They would end up in eighth place in the league, disappointing fans and the organization alike. Therefore, Seoul will now have to take steps to push their chances of success next season. The organization has promoted coach Lee “Hocury” Ho-cheol to the role of general manager, which would “optimize the team’s performance for the 2019 season”, according to a press conference from Gen. G. Hocury was formerly the coach of GC Busan, which is the current London Spitfire roster. While coaching GC Busan, they would win the Overwatch APEX Season 4 championship, as well as the 2017 APAC Premier.

However, the rest of the coaching staff are to be released, according to the organization. This means that coaches Chae “alwaysoov” Ho-jeong, Kim “NugGet” Yo-han, and Cho “Bubbly” Yoon-ho are no longer with Seoul Dynasty. General Manager Baek “beast” Kwang-jin is moving to Gen.G Senior Manager of Player Operations. Hocury will have to restructure the coaching staff from the ground up. All three of these staff members have been working with this roster since 2016, and will be a significant change to the way the team plays.

Rebuilding an Dynasty

How could Hocury make Seoul Dynasty live up to its name in the next season of the Overwatch League? There have not been any reports on who he will be adding to the coaching staff, but we suspect there will be more changes coming. These changes may come through the roster this time around, when the free agency period begins on August 1. When August 1 rolls by, a signing window will open where teams can negotiate with their current players, Contenders players, and trade players with other teams.

Teams have over a month to do so before contracts expire, which means any player without a valid contract as of September 9 will become a free agent. All teams must have at least eight players signed by the end of December, but there will also be an unspecified deadline where teams can sign or trade players. Also, if a player turns 18 before the deadline, they are eligible to be signed by a team for the second Overwatch League season.

You will have to think that Seoul Dynasty will build their roster around their shotcaller and star support Ryu “Ryujehong” Je-hong. We would also assume that their star DPS player Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun would be a vital piece of the team moving forward.

Final Thoughts on Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty was looking like a decent team in the first and second stages of the regular season. However, they really fell off in the last two stages, especially stage four. The team would finish stage four with a 3-7 record, and ultimately costing them a spot in the playoffs. The big problem that Seoul has is their lack of a top-tier tank. One player that has been rumored to join this off-season is the Los Angeles Gladiators’ star tank player Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung.

It seems that Fissure has been unhappy with his current organization, and seeks to play for a team that spoke all the same language. This would be perfect for both parties, as Fissure would make Seoul Dynasty a contender for next season. Seoul Dynasty could give Fissure a fresh start with a new all-Korean speaking team, with a new coaching staff. We will need to see how the off-season pans out for the Dynasty when the Overwatch League playoffs end!

What do you think of Seoul Dynasty changing their coaching staff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more Overwatch content, check us out here!