Season 4 of Apex Legends could introduce tier 2 supply bins
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There’s a ton of hype surrounding Season 4 of Apex Legends. That’s thanks, in large part, to the release trailer from earlier today, but it also comes from some leaks. As with any upcoming content drop, leaks are everywhere in the community. So much so, that the Respawn developers have even called for data-miners to stop what they’re doing. While that doesn’t seem plausible, Respawn themselves have been leaking some aspects of Season 4. With their announcement last week, some players caught an interesting part of a promotional image that suggests supply bins are being upgraded.

Tier 2 supply bins coming to Apex Legends?

In the past, Respawn has usually done everything for a reason. Whether it’s releasing a specific image or piece of information, they rarely leak anything accidentally. This was the case from earlier today with the developers showed off Revenant’s supposed new ultimate ability.

So, when something strange appears from the official Apex Legends channels, fans take it fairly seriously. This rings true with an intriguing aspect of a Ranked Series promotional image from last week. The image itself just shows off the map, but if we zoom in, something looks a little out of place.

Apex Legends supply bin
Photo Credit to 6acee on Reddit.

What you see above is a highly zoomed-in portion of the image in question. We’re focusing on the supply bins that lay on the edge of the rocks, though one isn’t what players are used to seeing. Instead of the bright red that’s usually on top of the bin, one features a light blue color.

While this could just be a graphical or rendering issue, there’s also a chance it could be something else. Most in the community are guessing this is an upgraded supply bin, possibly containing tier 2 loot and above. So, anything above common rarity.

The supply bins in Apex Legends are sometimes useful for finding ammo or early-game armor. However, they’re also known to contain very weak loot. Take a look at this clip from streamer TTHump in the early days of Apex Legends for proof. Warning: NSFW language is used throughout the video.

Though the clip is extremely old, Respawn hasn’t done much to improve the supply bins in recent seasons. Maybe these tier 2 supply bins could be the answer to those problems.

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