Season 2 of Apex Legends might basically be Jurassic Park
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It seems like the weeks of Apex Legends teasers and community speculation are about to come to a grand finale. Today, the laptop of the not-officially-announced-but-definitely-coming legend Crypto finally showed up in Kings Canyon. It is exactly in the spot community theorists FrozenFroh and That1MiningGuy figured it would be.

Incidentally, this narrative of a rogue hacker unleashing giant scaly beasts onto an island is starting to sound very familiar.

Apex Legends Season 2 Crypto laptop

Life finds a way

Respawn evidently didn’t feel like pulling a fast one on Apex’s over-dedicated data-miners, because the laptop spawned exactly in the spot found in the code. It isn’t doing anything, and Crypto is not in the game yet. For the code-savvy out there, though, FrozenFroh transcribed the code visible on the laptop’s screen. It reads:

*Enact Countermeasure Obfuscation*



“Exfil” is military jargon for extraction, in other words relocating away from an area of imminent threat. This likely implies that Crypto will depart the island immediately after launching his sabotage protocol. This very much makes him Apex Legends’ version of Dennis Nedry.

After all, what Crypto is about to do – according to the community theory and all available signs – is essentially trigger the events of the first Jurassic Park movie. The flyers and leviathans are giant dinosaur-like creatures, kept at bay through the Repulsor’s technology. And when this mysterious hacker sabotages it, all hell will break loose on the secluded island.

APex Legends crypto laptop jurassic park

It’s notable that the laptop arrived now, almost immediately after the Repulsor tower came to life yesterday. It implies we might start seeing the bigger changes hinted at for Season 2 before it even drops. After all, Wattson – whose role in the narrative is to either fix Repulsor or put literal electric fences between her squad-mates and the dinosaurs – arrives at the start of the season.

It’s a pretty tough laptop

On a humorous note, immediately after finding Crypto’s laptop, some Apex Legends players attempted to destroy it.

The impulse to wreck everything in Apex is quite understandable. This same thing happened when the Nessy plushies were first discovered. The resulting executions ultimately led the community to the discovery of the big Nessy easter egg. Not to overstate things, but Nessy herself is basically a giant dinosaur.

For now, the laptop seems indestructible, which also makes sense. After all, Crypto would need it in order to initiate the opening events of Apex Legends’ Season 2.

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