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Starfield is full of planets, all with their own quests, NPCs, storylines, resources, and species. If you’re looking for certain planets, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to find Schrodinger III in Starfield.

Where is Schrodinger III?

This planet can be found in the Schrodinger star system. Here’s how to warp to different systems in Starfield if you need help. But basically, just teleport to the nearest system you’ve visited and then make your way along this path.

Schrodinger III got its name because it’s the third planet in the system. The planet appears grey overall.

Image via Game8

Schrodinger III planet resources

When you scan Schrodinger III, you’ll see it has an abundance of the following resources:

  • Argon
  • Iron
  • Chlorine
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Water

Schrodinger III 100% survey

If you want to complete your survey of Schrodinger to discover all of its traits, resources, and species, here’s the total you’ll need to find.

Planet Traits2

You’ll see a small grey diamond on your minimap that indicates where an Unknown location is. Once you get close to a location, you’ll see this icon appear as an Unexplored Geological Feature. Scan resources in that area to reveal the planet’s traits.

How to get tons of XP on Schrodinger III

One tricky Starfield player realized that, while Schrodinger III didn’t have any quests of its own, you can get a lot of XP there with one trick.

Schrodinger III is full of resources. If you stand on top of your ship after landing on this planet, you can peer through the scope of your big gun and blow holes through tons of creatures in under a minute. One person counted 10.

Killing these large, peaceful creatures will get you thousands of XP. You will most likely level up and gain a skill point in the process.