Scare your enemies with these new League of Legends Halloween skins
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October is arguably one of the coziest months of the year. Just about everyone can enjoy the fall weather, hot cocoa, warm blankets, and new League of Legends skins. That’s right, folks – new Halloween skins are coming out. Get ready for spooky backing animations, champion interactions, festive in-game decorations, and money that flying out of your wallet and into Riot’s pockets.

League of Legends Halloween

Every year, players have the option to purchase exclusive, limited-time skins inspired by different holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, Christmas, and many more. Runeterra, the fictional planet on which most of the League of Legends lores take place, celebrates a glorious holiday known as Tales from the Rift at the end of every October. Festivities surrounding this occasion include new skins, wards, icons, and themes such as Trick-Or-Treat, Death Sworn, and Zombie vs Slayers. These themes include common Halloween ideas such as vampires, witches, monsters, and trick-or-treaters.

Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank

First up among the new skins is Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank, a dark purple and bright pink version of the most-loved robotic support. To make things creepy, they added an angry Jack-O-Lantern image on his front-facing body armor. Some extras with this skin include a flaming pink eyeball above his shoulders in place of his head and some long pink claws on his right hand.

Count Kassadin

The next new skin is Count Kassadin, undoubtedly a chilling homage to the 1897 fictional vampire Count Dracula. The highlight of this skin is Kassadin’s backing animation. As he backs into base, out pops a purple and gold coffin with an inner lining of quilted violet fabric. Right before the end of the animation, Kassadin crosses his arms and plops right in, followed by an eerie piano tune.

As he releases dark purple bats with every ability, Count Kassadin is sure to give a fright to every enemy. This new skin comes as a pleasant surprise to many Kassadin players, as his last skin – Cosmic Reaver Kassadin – was released 4 years ago.

Bewitching Miss Fortune

Finally, another new Miss Fortune skin takes the stage. Bewitching Miss Fortune is decorated with a curled-tip witch’s hat, long thigh-high purple stockings, and a sultry dark purple and violet outfit. Let’s not ignore her candle-like guns, with bright neon flames flowing out at the ends. With the skin, you can see little bats following her as she runs, unlike the pink hearts in her original skin.

As Bewitching Miss Fortune releases her ultimate, a neon orange, pink, and purple light show showcases her bullets, possibly causing you to stop and stare rather than run for your life. If you’d like to spend the extra cash, you can also purchase a Prestige version of this skin. This version dresses her in an all-white and gold outfit with long, golden hair.

We don’t know when exactly they’ll drop, but these League of Legends Halloween skins will be on sale for 1350 Riot Points. Happy trick-or-treating, Summoners!