Rumor: Wadid (G2) and Profit (Roccat) headed to LEC's Rogue
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It’s been an extremely busy week for the League of Legends pro scene. Rosters throughout all of the game’s pro leagues have shuffled. Whether a player is a legend of the scene or an upstart looking to make a name for himself, no roster has been safe to the free agency frenzy. And it seems that ball is just going to keep on rolling. According to Kenzi, a prominent and credible Korean esports reporter with Fomos, rumors have support player Wadid and top laner Profit heading to Rogue.

Wadid would come from G2 Esports, a team that saw some success at Worlds this year. After a disappointing group stage elimination in 2017, G2 made it all the way to the semifinals in 2018.

Profit spent the last season with Roccat, a veteran organization that competed in League of Legends esports since 2014. Roccat was unable to secure franchising in the new LEC for 2019 and is therefore now defunct.

Rogue enters the LEC

Rogue is an organization entering League of Legends for the first time in the upcoming Spring Split. Known for it’s Rainbow Six and CounterStrike teams, Rogue will have a lot to prove in an LEC that is shaping up to have several very strong rosters.

Rogue has already announced long-time LoL Esports veteran Edward as it’s assistant coach. Edward, a member of the legendary Moscow Five roster, was mainly a support player throughout his career. Having played in the EU LCS, the NA LCS (with Team Curse) and most recently the CIS (with Gambit Esports), Edward brings a lot of experience to a fresh organization.

No other moves have been announced by Rogue and very little else is known about the roster at this time. We will keep you all updated in the event that any new information comes through.

In the meantime, you can keep track of roster moves from all over the world on our dedicated League of Legends page.