Royal Never Give Up re-signs three major stars of their 2019 LoL roster
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As the League of Legends roster of Royal Never Give Up comes together, the team has announced that they have managed to re-sign three of the star players of their 2019 roster. At this time, there has not been any announcement made on the duration of these new contracts.

Re-signing China’s most popular League of Legends player

The first major signing announcement of the team is Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao (简自豪). Uzi is by far the most popular League of Legends personality in China. While he is only 22 years old, he has competed in competitive League since he was only 15 years old, spending most of this time playing under the Royal banner. Throughout his years competing, Uzi has become famous for his hyper-carry marksman play. For most of his recent years, the RNG team has been built entirely around Uzi’s playstyle, and he has been the key to the team’s success.

Uzi’s right-hand man

The second re-signed player is the one responsible for protecting Uzi. Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming (史森明) has supported Uzi since Dec 2016 and has been personally mentored by Uzi to become the support he needs. Ming has been part of RNG’s success at three League of Legends World Championship events. In addition to this, Ming has played key roles in RNG’s success throughout the 6 LPL splits he has competed in so far. He has also helped them not place lower than 4th in the regular season.

Royal Never Give Up’s Midlane returns for another season

Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao (李元浩) has been part of the Royal Never Give Up roster since May of 2015. Throughout the years, he has been among the best performing mid laners of China, though he has not gained much recognition in the west. However, RNG believes Xiaohu is still on top of his game, and as such he will remain with the team for another year. Xiaohu was the 6th player to reach 1500 career kills in the professional scene.

These key signings for Royal Never Give Up are a fantastic start for their 2020 competitive season. For more news surrounding RNG’s new roster, be sure to read about the new star jungle player the team picked up earlier today.