Rowan, Intrepid Sparkmage Planeswalker leaked for Throne of Eldraine
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Planeswalkers are usually fairly popular among the Magic: The Gathering community. War of the Spark‘s success pretty much proves how much people love their Planeswalkers cards. We’re getting a (sort of) new Planeswalker in Throne of Eldraine: Rowan, Intrepid Sparkmage! We’ve seen Rowan before in Battlebond, but no one expected to see the character again, let alone in a Standard set. However, based on this leak it looks like we’ll be getting two new Planeswalker cards of her: her Planeswalker deck card and her Standard set card.


Rowan, Intrepid Sparkmage Planeswalker MTG Throne of Eldraine

For 5 mana in red, Rowan, Intrepid Sparkmage is a legendary Planeswalker with 5 loyalty. Her +1 gives any creature +3/0 and first strike until end of turn. Her -2 deals 1 damage to up to two target creatures, and they’re unable to block until end of turn. Her ultimate is Insurrection, giving you control of all creatures and giving them haste until end of turn.

How good is Rowan, Intrepid Sparkmage? Honestly, not very. She is from the Planeswalker deck of Throne of Eldraine, and per tradition, the cards from that set are generally underpowered. They are meant to be playable in Standard but not competitive. Her ultimate ability is sweet if you cheat it with proliferate effects, but otherwise, it’s just too slow. At best she’s a weird top-end card for an aggressive deck; at worst she’s a 5-mana do-nothing. Commander players might find a slot for her in their five-color super friends deck, but that’s about it.

What do you think of Rowan, Intrepid Sparkmage? Is she better than I give her credit for, or is she completely unplayable? What kind of abilities do you think her other Planeswalker card will have in Throne of Eldraine? Let us know down in the comments below, and keep checking back here at Daily Esports for more daily Magic spoilers, Arena codes, and more!