Rocket League reveals Stranger Things Haunted Hallows event
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Psyonix has partnered with Netflix’s Stranger Things for a limited time Rocket League in-game event. The Haunted Hallows event will take place between Oct 14 and Nov 11, letting players complete matches to earn exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Halloween in Rocket League

With Halloween coming up, this partnership will have players earning cosmetic in-game rewards that are themed with Stranger Things graphics. By completing matches, players earn Candy Corn, which they can use as event currency to redeem toward cosmetics like car toppers, decals, and wheels. With 75 candy corn coins, one can purchase a ‘Camp Know Where’ topper, ‘Leaf Litter’ topper, DEMOgorgon Player Banner, or DEMOgorgon Player Title.

Rocket League Stranger Things boost

The next tier is at 100 candy corns, which includes the Spider Boogie Universal Decal, Scoops Ahoy Avatar Border, Jacktide Octane Decal, Candy Monster Dominus Decal, and Hawaiian Hopper Universal Decal. For 120 candy corn coins, one can grab the Leafstream Universal Decal, Stranger Things Rocket Boost, and Autumn Rocket Boost. Finally, the Timbertyre Wheels and Starcourt Wheels can be purchased for 150 candy corns.

Haunted Hallows event

In addition, the Rocket League map Farmstead will get a spooky makeover that has similarities to Stranger Things‘ alternate dimension The Upside Down. Like other in-game events, players will only have three days to redeem their extra candy corn in the event store. This partnership also comes several months after Fortnite released its own Stranger Things event.

Stranger Things Rocket League Haunted Hallows

Even though Rocket League has replaced the former loot box crates system with a blueprint feature, this doesn’t take effect until December. With the Haunted Hallows event, the Accelerator, Velocity, and Triumph Crates will contain limited items like Golden Pumpkins from The Hawkins National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy federal complex seen in the Stranger Things TV show.

How do these cosmetic rewards compare to those from previous events? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Rocket League coverage.

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