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It looks like more Rocket League fun is going to make its way to Fortnite. A leak from SizzyLeaks has revealed a house with Rocket League colors and memorabilia. The house is decorated in Rocket League‘s blue color scheme, with posters hanging on the walls, car toys on shelves, and even a giant trophy on display.

Another Fortnite leaker, ShookPA, commented on Reddit that there will be a Rocket League-themed car as well. It should be drivable, like the Iron Man whiplash vehicle. If it’s like the other themed cars, it should be near the house as well.

If you thought there’d be a Rocket League mini-game inside, don’t expect one at this time. That’s not to say there won’t be one at a later date, but neither SizzyLeaks nor ShookPA have uncovered it in the code thus far.

Celebrating Rocket League going free-to-play

Epic Games partnered with Psyonix for this collaboration as a celebration for the latter’s game going free-to-play. There are already some cosmetics and challenges available, not to mention the Fortnite battle bus appearing in Rocket League.

The main focus this season is certainly with Marvel’s Avengers and the infamous Galactus, but who’s to say we can’t fun with some car soccer on the way?

You won’t have long to wait, either. According to SizzyLeaks’ info, the Rocket League house, the car, and all of its memorabilia will be ready to explore on September 26. As for where this location will pop up, we don’t have that info just yet. But many players will be undoubtedly searching for this new POI all weekend long.

Another question we have to ask is if there will be any other fun Rocket League goodies sprinkled throughout the game, or if any other Fortnite goodies will make their way into Rocket League. We’ll find out soon enough as this crossover continues.