Paschy90 Interview: "It is our first season, give us time"
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RLCS Season 6 just took off, so I reached out to Paschy90 of Renault Vitality about his thoughts on the upcoming season and the recent roster changes.

Paschy is a familiar face in Rocket League esports, having been present in every single season of RLCS and reaching LAN four out of five times. His best finish was second place in Season 2, falling to Flipsid3 in the grand final.

Renault Vitality recently signed Scrub Killa, giving Paschy and his teammates a good chance – on paper – at finally claiming that world title.

How are you feeling about this upcoming season, Paschy?

“I feel good. I am having good practice sessions and feel good in general.”

You’ve been around since the start and got so close to that world championship title in Season 2. How do you feel about your career so far?

“I think I had some ups and downs, but I am sure the day will come where I will be a world champion.”

How confident are you about your team this season?

“Our team is very strong, it is our first season, give us time.”

What will be different this season for Team Vitality with the latest roster change?

“Individual we have more potential with Scrub, so we have to try to figure out how we have to play to be at our best.”

There have been some doubts when it comes to your individual value to your team and the current level in RLCS. What would you say to the doubters?

“I have always had doubters. I try to play how it fits best to the team. Maybe I am a goal scorer again this season. Against [Mousesports] I didn’t have an assist, ’cause I had to play the striker role, but I like it. Anyway, I have never not finished top-4 in EU and people told me after Season 1 that I will be gone. Here I am still and I won’t be going anywhere. As long as I keep my practice up, I don’t have to worry about anything.”

You’re a very vocal person when it comes to Rocket League and RLCS. What do you think of RLCS as it currently stands?

“I really like RLCS, just needs more teams.”

Team items is probably the most requested feature for RLCS. If it were to be implemented, what’s next on the list for you?

“Team mode, of course, lol.”

You’re an open Cristiano Ronaldo fan. Is his work ethic and lifestyle an inspiration to you for your Rocket League career?

“Yeah, I just think he deserves everything, ’cause he works the hardest.”

I wanted to keep this interview mostly focused on you, but I can’t keep myself from sneaking some more Scrub in here. You’ve played with him in the past and he was obviously a coveted player when he was about to reach the minimum age. Were there many teams fighting for him or did you know long in advance you were going to be teaming with him?

“Almost everybody wanted him, but he wanted us. We first wanted Deevo, but it didn’t work out, ’cause he didn’t fit.”

One final question. A few months ago you were very excited about something you saw at the Psyonix studio. You don’t have to give details (you can if you want to!), but is that thing out yet, or has it not yet been announced?

“Maybe, maybe not. But was I really so excited about only these things?”

Paschy and his team’s season continues next Sunday at 12:00 PM PDT against Fnatic during the RLCS Season 6 League Play on twitch.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.