Rocket Arena kicks off Blast In Paradise event with new skins and maps
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Rocket Arena drops its first in-game event “Blast In Paradise” this weekend. Electronic Arts’ newest third-person cross-platform arena-based shooter released on PC and consoles in July 2020. Developed by Final Strike Games and inspired by the original Quake mod by the same name, Rocket Arena is a 3v3, team-based game, featuring projectile gun-play. Moreover, the game is rostered with unique characters with their own set mechanics.

Since the closed beta, Rocket Arena has cultivated a dedicated community of gamers. Furthermore, the development team’s open discourse means gamers are continuously teased with upcoming content. Just under one month since its release, Final Strike revealed Rocket Arena‘s first summer-themed event.

Rocket Arena‘s new maps and game-modes

Lagoon of Doom
One of Rocket Arena‘s new maps –Lagoon of Doom.

On August 13, Blast in Paradise hit the live servers and introduced two new game modes, two new maps, and limited time events.

Game modes:

  • 2v2 knockout
  • Beach Ball


  • Lagoon of Doom (permanently added)
  • Grand Harbor (permanently added)

Limited Time Events:

  • Added Beach Ball to Social Arena
  • Added Beach Ball to Private Match
  • Replaced social 3v3 knock out with 2v2 knockout

Update 1.1

Alongside Blast in Paradise, Final Strike Games also released update 1.1, the game’s first. The update addressed several bugs, and also added nerfs and quality of life improvements.

General game changes:

  • Added a cross-play activation message box
  • Added rotating event playlists
  • Adjusted idle boot time from 45 seconds to 60 seconds

Hero changes:

Kayi Rocket Arena

  • Reduced Kayi’s buffed primary damage while inside Snow Globe from 50 to 40

Playlist changes:

  • Added new maps (Lagoon of Doom and Grand Harbor) to Social Ranked, and Private playlists

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed profile settings not saving on consoles
  • Removed gamepad allowing players to access the pregame scoreboard

Rocket Arena is currently available for cross-platform play on PC and consoles.

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Minna Adel Rubio is an esports journalist with an interest in first-person-shooter games. She specializes in class-based, arena, and tactical shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2. Additionally, Minna is a senior CS:GO guides writer at Dignitas and a graduate student. Catch her on Twitter for memes and more content!