RLCS Season 7 World Championships to take place in New Jersey
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RLCS Season 7 has begun and Psyonix wasted no time announcing when and where the World Championship will be held this year. Immediately at the start of the show, it was announced that the Season 7 Rocket League World Championship will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, from June 21 – 23, 2019.

A new format for RLCS Season 7

With the addition of South America, we will now have 12 teams at the RLCS world championship. This meant that there were simply too many games for a three-day event. Many fans called for a new format and Pysonix obliged. Rather than the usual double elimination bracket they’d used up until now, they’re moving to a “group stage to single-elimination” format.

This is exciting news as it means all games will most likely be broadcast. It’ll also raise the stakes since it means any team can be eliminated at any time once the group stage is over. Every game matters. Additionally, lower bracket runs, such as Cloud9’s last season, will no longer be possible, putting everyone in the Grand Final on even ground.

A controversial announcement

The immediate reaction to the announcement seems to be annoyance and disappointment. Many were hoping and expecting an event in Europe following last season’s LAN in Las Vegas. This event will bring the ratio to five RLCS world championships in North America and just two in Europe. While it’s understandable that Psyonix wants to stay fair to both sides of North America, European fans can’t help but feel there’s a preference for hosting it in NA over EU.

One upside to the announcement everyone will agree on, however, is the fact that tickets will go on sale next week, Friday, Apr. 15. This is a significant improvement over last seasons, where the tickets went on sale just a few weeks ahead of the event. This left many fans unable to attend.

Will you be attending the RLCS Season 7 World Championship this June, or will you be following it online? RLCS League Play is held every weekend for the next five weeks on Saturdays (12 p.m. PST) and Sundays (9 a.m. PST) on Twitch and YouTube.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.