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Riot Games initially teased League of Legends fans with Tellstones: King’s Gambit back in January. With little information revealed, Riot developers shared that it’s a new board game coming from Demacia. Today, Riot released a trailer officially announcing the future launch of the competitive tabletop game.

Compared to Riot’s other features, this trailer is told through the point of view of a Demacian human. It opens up with a little girl, named Cithria, playing with a man who challenges her to a game of Tellstones. After a frustrating loss, she questions him on how the game is played. The man then explains, “A Demacian plays fair, but a Demacian plays to win. Be on the lookout for your opponent’s weaknesses.” Each scene following that reveals settings where League of Legends champions are playing each other in the same game.

A straightforward way to win Tellstones: King’s Gambit

The primary way to win the game is to focus, but also distract your opponent, as mentioned in the trailer. Riot describes the game as an “unforgettable game of bluffing, strategy, and recollection from the world of Runeterra.” Now that the trailer is out, Riot has linked the official website of the game, where interested players can sign up to receive updates.

There isn’t a release date yet, but fans are eager to play the twenty-minute game. Back when Riot first introduced the project, they mentioned the need to put players’ experience first. This included paying close attention to details such as design, accessibility, and components. Additionally, this game is the direct opposite of their first board game, Mechs vs. Minions. Tellstones: King’s Gambit is in a different genre and world than Mechs, and it requires more focus.

Riot has been working on plenty of projects since the start of the year. From Legends of Runeterra to VALORANT, there’s always something for every kind of player. Stick with Daily Esports for more updates on League of Legends.