Riot releases Heartseeker Jinx and Yuumi on League of Legends PBE
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Riot Games has released teasers of the upcoming Heartseeker Yuumi and Jinx skins. As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, League of Legends starts to release new love-themed skins, wards, icons, and more. As the list of new skins stack up, we see Jinx and Yuumi are the next ones in line.

The Valentine’s Day skins released in 2019 were Heartpiercer Fiora, Heartbreaker Vi, Sweetheart Xayah, and Sweetheart Rakan. Along with them came a Queen Poro ward, Queen Poro icon, and Fiora and Vi icons. Many players have hoped their own main champions would get the brightly colored skins this year, and Jinx fans have had their wishes come true.

Heartseeker Jinx

Every Heartseeker and Sweetheart skin follows the same theme: hearts, flowers, the colors pink and red, and sweet champion interactions. Jinx is ready for the holiday with her cute teddy bear swag. Her Rocket Launcher is seen to throw out a bouquet of roses. Meanwhile, her pink Flame Chompers are adorned with a red bow on top. In her backing animation, she is seen trying to open one of the chompers, then getting snapped at.

Heartseeker Yuumi

It is a bit surprising that Yuumi, one of League of Legends‘ newest champions, received a skin as well. Her Final Chapter is seen to launch a wave of bright pink hearts. After, she is seen floating around and scrolling to a page in her book. Once she finds the page she was looking for, a pink paper heart appears and she’s happy to catch it.

heartseekers skins league of legends

Many fans are hoping that Riot will release more Valentine’s Day skins. The first skin of this holiday was released in 2012 with Heartseeker Vayne. These skins are all Legacy skins and will be available for a limited amount of time. Most importantly, the Jinx and Yuumi ones will be available on the PBE (public beta environment) and should be released in patch 10.3 on Feb. 5. We will continue to update you once Riot Games releases more information. Be sure to follow us at Daily Esports to stay in the loop!