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In Riot Games’ recent Developer Diary, Riot Reav3 made some big announcements concerning the champions of League of Legends. This was the first time that a Developer Diary was in video format. There were a few announcements that had been already spoken of, like the Morgana and Kayle reworks. However, another big announcement is that Riot is planning to completely rework Mordekaiser.

Mordekaiser would join the League champion roster back in 2010. Unfortunately, his kit has been the same since his release. Many players have been wondering when some of the older champions were going to get updates. With the increase of more champions with new mechanics, the older champs were falling behind with their outdated kits. New champs are too mobile and deal too much damage as well.

Mordekaiser changes?

According to Riot Reav3, Riot Games’ big focus is to change how Mordekaiser plays. They want to push him into more of an AP juggernaut that dominates his lane solo. As Reav3 would state in the video, “Mordekaiser would rather send everyone he meets to his underworld kingdom, rather than.. give them a shield”. Mordekaiser’s ultimate also hosts a multitude of bugs that Riot hasn’t even tried to fix. Hopefully, his new kit will be fun and devastating to use, one that is fitting for the Iron Revenant.

They say that they are building him from the ground up, so that also means that he will be getting new visuals and voice acting. This might be even bigger news because visually, Mordekaiser was one of the most outdated champions in the game. He still suffers from the triangle feet, which is a textbook sign of old champion design. His entire kit also looks incredibly old as well, when comparing to the newer champions in the game. We wonder how Riot will change up our favorite heavy-metal monster for the future.

Other announcements

Riot Reav3 also gave a few announcements towards other projects that Riot is working on. For example, he would mention the reworks for Morgana and Kayle, which we heard about in the last Champion Roadmap. For Morgana, they are giving her a visual update as well as changes to her ultimate. As for Kayle, they are giving her a full VGU while keeping her an auto-attack based champion. Riot is also keeping some of her more supportive abilities, so expect Kayle to have a heal or shield of some kind.

Also, Reav3 would tease that a new support champion was in the works for this year. It will be the first enchanter support to come out since Nami. He would also state that she has a mechanic that “you will get attached to”. Additionally, when you turn on subtitles on the video, “perfect” is actually spelled “purrfect”. This has lead people to believe that the new champ may be a cat-person or feline yordle. Lastly, he would reveal that a new assassin champion is now in the early stages of development. He wouldn’t give much more information to us, but it is enough to hype us up for the rest of the year!

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