Riot Games releases 2020 Valentine's Day merchandise
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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Riot Games has released an entirely new collection of merch. League of Legends’ favorite Vastayan couple, Xayah and Rakan, take the spotlight in 2020 with an array of themed items. Riot’s highlighted items for purchase are the matching Xayah and Rakan leather bracelets.

They were first introduced in the 2019 Valentine’s collection. Since then, the limited bracelets have been in high demand amongst consumers. In addition to the leather charm bracelets, a gold keychain set of Xayah and Rakan is available. Then to finish off the theme, Riot has released a limited Sweetheart skin splash art mousepad.

Xayah and Rakan as Riot’s main theme for Valentine’s Day

Xayah and Rakan are League of Legends’ symbol for love and partnership. With both champions being released together back in 2019, Riot has used every opportunity to express how infatuated they are with each other. Xayah and Rakan obtain many matching skins, tons of in-game interactions, icons, and emotes.

They were also the first couple to be introduced to the rift. Plus, Xayah is a marksman with her ideal support, Rakan, making them inseparable. A perfect bot lane duo for friends, lovers, etc.

Additional items

Coupled with Xayah and Rakan’s themed merch, a Jinx, Yummi, and Ashe themed pin set is available for purchase. The pins show off the trio’s Sweetheart skins. Moreover, a huge variety of plushies are available, including all variations of Tibbers plushies ranging in sizes small to XL.

Special edition plushies are also back in stock to celebrate, along with the requested True Damage “Giants” necklace and True Damage Ekko bracelet.

For those looking for something simple to gift multiple loves, a Valentine’s themed League card set is in stock as well. The decorated cards could be a nice gift for friends under $15. The cards feature dynamic duos such as Xayah/Rakan, Annie/Tibbers, Tristana/her dragon, Sejuani/her boar, and last but not least Amumu.

League of Legends T-shirts are also up for grabs. Then to finish off the collection, tons of extra items are on sale throughout the shop. What are your thoughts on the 2020 Valentine’s day collection from Riot?