Riot Games pushes back the next patch and more for Teamfight Tactics
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Every Friday, the developers of Teamfight Tactics head to Twitter and share the planned updates for the upcoming patch. This week, however, Richard “Riot MapleNectar” Henkel had a different announcement to make. The announcements surround several aspects of Teamfight Tactics, including a new patch schedule and some hints towards updates coming in the future.

No 9.17B patch this week

Going off the previous schedule of patches for Teamfight Tactics, we would expect the 9.17B patch to released on Wed, Sept 4. However, in the announcement tweets by Riot MapleNectar, he explains that the patches will be slowing down. This is until the next “set” of Teamfight Tactics is released. There has been no announcement yet for when this is planned; however, the developers have been hinting at it more and more in recent weeks.

New items delayed for Teamfight Tactics

Unlike what the developers have previously stated, the newest TFT items for will no longer release in the 9.18 patch on Sept 11. Instead, the Sparring Glove items are now set to release with the introduction of the 9.19 patch on Sept 25. The reason for this delay, as explained by Riot MapleNectar, is that while they are happy with the design aspect of the items, there are several more bugs to work out. The team wants to solve these issues before the items enter the live game.

The new item drop changes, however, will still be released into the game with the 9.18 patch. Besides these announcements, in a reply on Twitter, Riot MapleNectar hinted towards new Teamfight Tactics maps being in development. While these changes may still be a while away, it is exciting to hear they are working on all aspects of the game.

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