Riot Games promises to bring back legacy cursor after surprising backlash
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The League of Legends patch 9.15 notes were filled with changes to the game. All of these changes were overlooked by the community, however, because of one small sentence. Patch 9.15 would be the end of the legacy cursor.

Legacy Cursor Removal Much like the beloved VHS player that you could no longer keep in your storage closet, we're removing the option to use the old bronze gauntlet from the game

Rest in peace, legacy cursor

After eight years, the gauntlet cursor was finally updated in 2018. At the time, the change made sense. The game’s UI had evolved over time, and the legacy cursor had become dated in comparison.

riot games backtracks legacy cursor removal league of legends criticism backlash cursor comparison
A comparison between the legacy and new cursors.

Still, for creatures of habit or merely nostalgic players, the legacy cursor remained in the game as an option to toggle. And when they announced the new cursor, Riot’s lead producer on the developer team, Joseph “New001” Tung, promised the ability to use the old cursor.

In some ways, the legacy cursor may have been more of a hassle to maintain than one would imagine. For example, when playing Qiyana, the cursor will change to highlight what element is being hovered. This might not be much work to implement in two cursors, true. But if players were hardly ever using the old cursor, then Riot’s extra effort would have just been a waste.

Additionally, the option to use the legacy cursor was just one more setting in a laundry list of customization options for players. While more customization is generally good, so is keeping the settings tab concise.

Not-so warm welcome

But the story doesn’t end there. The overwhelming response to the 9.15 patch notes did not concern the champion changes at all. Everybody seemed to only care about keeping the legacy cursor.

Just a quick scroll through the patch notes’ comment section will give you an idea of the community response. The top ten replies to the patch notes were all complaints about the removal of the cursor. Several petitions were created in support of the cursor. And Riot Games quickly took note.

Riot’s lead gameplay designer, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, took to Twitter to respond to the situation.

And so just like that, the legacy cursor option will be heading back into the League of Legends options menu. And while it is safe now, it is entirely possible that the cursor will not be around forever. In fact, in a mid-patch update added to the 9.15 patch notes, it seems likely the old cursor is on its way out the door.

riot games backtracks legacy cursor removal league of legends criticism backlash cursor comparison feature everyone disliked that mid-patch update revert

The question that comes out of all of this is simple. The community responded in support of keeping the legacy cursor an option. Riot Games responded by reintroducing the cursor in patch 9.15. But how will Riot handle the situation next time, seeing as their plans are “removing the option entirely in the future”?

Do you still use the legacy cursor? Would you care if the legacy cursor was removed as an option? We’d love to hear your feedback on the situation in the comments section! For all things League of Legends-related and more, be sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports!