Riot Games music group True Damage debuts "GIANTS" at Worlds 2019
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Get hyped up for League of Legends’ just-released music video “GIANTS,” debuted during Worlds 2019. Uploaded on YouTube this morning, the video already has over one and a half million views. This intense animated collaboration “fuses the raw vocal talents of Ekko (Thutmose, Duckwrth), Senna (Keke Palmer), and Qiyana (Becky G) with Yasuo’s signature production.” Including a previously used artist, Soyeon from (G)I-DLE as Akali, this virtual music group named “True Damage” is making fans yell with excitement and emotion.

Looking deeper into the collaboration, it seems that Riot Games steered towards a different style with this new feature. Comparisons to their incredibly successful K/DA “POP/STARS” music video, which released in November 2018, are unavoidable though. With enthusiastic vibes, different languages, and numerous themes, this music video may be just as popular, if not more, than “POP/STARS.”

What’s featured in the video?

“GIANTS” starts off with a shot overlooking the view of a futuristic metropolitan city. Through different opening scenes, images of Yasuo, Ekko, and Akali appear. Ekko starts his rap with fast-paced animations and dark color schemes while Yasuo DJs from a distance. Introducing Quiyana is a completely different scene, where she is in the middle of a bright pink mansion. League of Legends‘ newest champion, Senna, is also shown before the first minute of the video. To the surprise of some viewers, we hear Akali speak in Korean and Quiyana in Spanish. This video was also mostly directed at rapping, unlike K-pop-inspired “POP/STARS.”

Towards the end of the video, the team is placed in front of a background showing the Eiffel Tower, reflecting the city of Paris, France, where the League of Legends World Championship Finals are taking place.

The IRL performance

True Damage’s live performance is also incredibly fun and exciting, with the way Riot’s production team sets up glitchy, colorful animations around the main stage. The crowd seemed to love the overall execution. For anyone who wants to listen to “GIANTS” on repeat for the next few months, it’s now available for download on Spotify.

You can read more about True Damage through our previous write-up. The True Damage skins are currently available for purchase on live servers as of now, and so is the new champion Senna.