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It’s been a few months since League of Legends released its Eternals feature. Since then, fans have provided plenty of feedback in regards to milestones, stats, and passes. Now that Riot Games employees are back from their week-long break, LoL game developers are looking into fixing some issues. Two of the champions on their list are Xin Zhao and Quinn.

Justin “Riot Xenogenic” Hanson asked fans on Twitter for some feedback regarding Xin Zhao’s Eternals. He reached out via Twitter, hitting on specific points. “I’m jamming on his Eternals now that we’re back. Thinking about something to help you capture and track how powerful R’s mitigation can be.”

Xenogenic gave Twitter users the choice of what they prefer to see on Xin’s Eternals. Some users came up with their own ideas, such as Eternals that show the total damage prevented with Xin’s R. The change LoL developers will go with is tracking the total damaged caused by Xin’s R, and using it as an Eternals stat.

Changes to Quinn’s Eternals

Others used this thread as an opportunity to bring up suggestions for other champions. In the midst of comments, another champion stuck out to Xenogenic: Quinn. He mentioned that the team has yet to think about Quinn, but that this thread was a good opportunity to start. The main concern is that fans feel as though Quinn’s Eternals are irrelevant, which is a red flag for LoL developers. As a result of plenty of feedback from Quinn mains, Xenogenic came out with a list of possible solutions.

Players who purchase the starter Eternals passes have access to basic stats, such as Takedowns (kills and assists), structures destroyed, and epic monsters killed. Those who choose to buy the Series 1 Eternals pass will receive Unique Eternals champion-specific stats. This can be a bummer if Quinn or Xin Zhao mains don’t have stats they’re completely satisfied with. There is no information on when these changes will go live, but it seems that LoL developers may need some time to catch up after a long week off.

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