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Riot Games’ Latin league for League of Legends, The Liga Latinoamérica (LLA), has worked together with DesignStudio to re-brand their organization. This reinventing of their design and message will re-position them to better connect with their audience.

In an official release, DesignStudio stated they have unveiled a new brand identity for the LLA. The entire goal of the re-branding is to let fans know the importance of leadership and never backing down. “We united the league with one attitude: ‘Show Yourself’. It’s about proving yourself to the world,” says the release, “…leading to a fiery, outspoken graphic language.”

This new project is a representation of both North and South Latin American leagues. Riot Games has recently merged both leagues, ultimately upsetting many fans. This re-branding is an effort to bring back to overall feelings of determination and culture they had both previously carried. As the LLA steps on to the global stage, the need to represent their brand in an impactful way is vital to their reorganization.

The collaboration

DesignStudio spent some time researching how to effectively work on the LLA’s new brand. They took three weeks to travel through five different Latin American countries and meet with many League of Legends pro players. Overall, getting to know the community helped bring this project to life. According to UK magazine CreativeBoom, the Creative Director for DesignStudio Eric Ng shared a few words on the project. “We knew that passion needed to be celebrated and harnessed into an identity that represented underdog spirit and fierce resilience — something everyone could be proud of.”

The collaboration resulted in a new logo “with DIY spirit which puts the League back into the hands of the fans.” The raw, tape type spelling out the words ‘Fuego’ (meaning ‘fire’ in Spanish) gives an aggressive and confident attitude to the league. Paired with this comes another new type, ‘Hielo’ (meaning ‘ice’ in Spanish). Additionally, this logo and font will be part of the LLA’s official look.

image copyright CreativeBoom

Connecting with the LoL community

In their other marketing promotions, the League injects plenty of vibrant colors and designs into photos, iPhone filters, billboards, and signs to share the exciting attitude of the LLA.

This re-branding comes right after the LLA’s move to New Mexico. They’ve packed their new stadium with state-of-the-art technology and gaming gear. This collaboration with TV Azteca is meant to bring the community together while providing plenty of opportunity and visibility to LLA pro players. Riot Games is finally helping the Latin American League step up in the League of Legends world – and they know just how to do it.