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Almost a month has passed since the release of our favorite shapeshifting mid laner, Neeko. However, it looks like Riot Games is gearing up for another League of Legends champion release.

The teaser that Riot Games released would show four images with the title, “Visions of Demacia” over them. The overarching theme amongst the pictures had to do with Demacian heroes, like Lux, Garen, Jarvan and Galio. In all four teasers, the champions have chains restricting them while their ultimate ability is being used to harm the great kingdom of Demacia in some sort of way. Take a look at the four sneak peeks here and see for yourself.

Lux Chains




Pretty ominous scenes, as it looks like Demacia’s greatest heroes are watching their home be torn apart by their own powers. Lux watches as her Final Spark destroys a statue. An shadowy figure sits atop the throne while only Jarvan’s spear remains. Galio is falling towards a Demacian city, similar to his ultimate ability, Hero’s Entrance. Lastly, Garen is powerless while his ultimate ability kills another member of Demacia. Of course, the League of Legends community is already buzzing with anticipation with who this mystery hero could be. With the hype comes multiple fan theories, some of which sounds pretty plausible.

An Ultimate Ability Stealer?

If we are to look at these teasers with a literal sense, it looks to us like the ability of this upcoming champion will be stealing ultimates. It would be a very interesting concept and mechanic that Riot Games adds to the game, as it has never been truly done before. The only mimicking champion we have was just released with Neeko, and she doesn’t even use the abilities of the champions she copies.

This would be a very difficult mechanic to add to the game, and will probably come with a plethora of wonderful bugs. However, it would also be a huge game changer, especially in the professional League of Legends scene. This would effectively make one of your opponents a part of your team, since their ultimate is now yours. For example, if this ultimate links to an enemy Pyke late into a teamfight, that ultimate could now be used to push the tide into your team’s favor.

Still, many of these teasers are very abstract in their meaning, so lots of these theories could be completely off. The chaining ultimate ability remains a very interesting speculation that could lead to some fun new interactions in the future.

Lore Changes?

Additionally, this new champion could also mean some big changes are coming to the lore of League of Legends. Riot Games has been very good at building the League universe, from Demacia, to Noxus, to Bandle City. One big change that some people are anticipating is the death of Jarvan III, which would lead to the crowning of Jarvan IV. Our favorite Demacian prince may be getting a promotion.

A story Riot Games released around a week ago may have given us a look at the champion’s name, Sylas. In the short story, Sylas is a young mage-seeker who can see magic like a wavelength of light. They are to hunt down mages as Demacia frowns upon mages and wishes to eliminate them. They find an old farmer and his daughter, and have reason to believe that they are hiding a mage. Little do they know that the little girl is the mage they seek.

Sylas knows the girl is the mage due to the light shining from her, but he tries to save her and her father. Unfortunately, despite his lying, another mage-seeker realizes the girl is a mage and tries to eliminate her. Sylas gets in between them as the girl launches a magic attack after watching her father die at the hands of the Demacians. He suddenly becomes a sort of magic conductor to the girl, and eventually erupts and disintegrates everything around him. He decides to go on the run, knowing that Demacia will come looking for him.

Whatever this champion is, we are ready to see how Riot Games reveals him or her in the future!

What are your thoughts on the possible new champion Riot Games will be bringing to League of Legends? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League coverage, check us out here!