Riot Games donates over $800,000 for Los Angeles COVID-19 relief
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Riot Games is helping in the fight against COVID-19 by donating over $800,000 to aid Los Angeles-based nonprofits in the relief effort. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the generous donation on Tuesdays’ Response Update.

The creators of League of Legends proudly donated over $800,000 towards California COVID-19 relief. $500,000 of the total amount came from the actual company, while co-founders Marc Merill and Brandon Beck contributed the rest.

The Los Angeles Food Bank will receive $400,000 of this donation, while $200,000 goes to the mayor’s coronavirus relief effort. The rest of the money will go to local nonprofits. The generous amount should be a huge help to hospitals struggling to help COVID-19 patients. It should also assist Los Angeles in taking care of healthcare, childcare, meals, and low-income residents.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving many people unemployed and in dire need of medical or federal help. Anything helps, and Riot is following along the efforts of other gaming companies that have recently lent a helping hand.

On Tuesday’s televised update, Mayor Garcetti thanked Riot for their gift. “We are blessed here in L.A. to have industries that not only fuel our city but our country and our world’s economy.” He continued, “Gaming is one of those industries and one of the leaders in that space is Riot Games.”

Social Impact

Moreover, Riot prides itself on its social impact and awareness. On their official website, their social responsibility page lists efforts including driving innovation within education, advocating for human rights, and more. Additionally, their headquarters are located in Santa Monica, which means they’ll feel the impact of their donations close to home.

Fortunately, Riot is just one of many gaming companies chipping in to help COVID-19 relief efforts. This week, Nintendo plans to turn its Washington facility into a production center for N95 Respirator masks. As the situation continues to grow throughout North America, more help is being offered to states in dire need of it. As a result, many healthcare facilities are receiving masks and resources during this tough situation.