Riot Games closing down League of Legends Boards
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Riot Games has announced that it will soon close down the League of Legends Boards, the community discussion platform that replaced the original forums section. Riot first introduced the platform to encourage community discussion, back before other websites like Reddit and Discord became popular.

Closing League of Legends Boards

“We know some of you use them regularly, so we didn’t arrive at this decision lightly,” wrote Riot Moog1ez in a blog post. “However, after looking at how many of you were using Boards, it became clear that the popularity of the platform had decreased significantly.”

Riot Games will set the boards into a read-only mode on Mar. 9, and the boards will go fully offline on Mar. 16. These served as the home of League of Legends announcements, debate threads, questions from new players, and other community events. With a group of volunteer moderators and official Riot Games employees, many used it to debug their problems and find tips on the game. However, the recent popularity of other communication channels has led to a large percentage of the userbase migrating over.

To Discord and Reddit we go

“Intending to move some stuff to the “dev” section on the new website,” wrote Ryan Rigney, Communications Lead at Riot Games, in a tweet. “May play with moving some more stuff to Reddit. I don’t foresee any content getting dropped—just moved.”

With support for multiple communities and other functions like chatting, Riot Games has already established the League of Legends and API Dev Community servers on Discord. Other sections of the Boards section will also transfer to new parts of the League of Legends website. The timing for this update is most likely due to the upcoming release of Riot Games’ other titles like first-person shooter Project Ares, which was leaked to be officially named Valorant.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.